KKForwarders offer a secure space in convenient locations near major airports, bolstering your distribution capabilities within specific locations.

With our freight services, we can achieve a continuous transport of your cargo to optimize your supply chain budget through our warehouses.


Improve your inventory management through our innovative warehouse system.


Located near seaports and airports for immediate transportation, storage, and distribution of goods.


Temporary and secured storage of goods within key locations.

Business Oriented Warehouse Solutions

Improve your distribution and shipping of your goods with our warehouse facilities’ geographical advantages. By having your goods stored in the right location, we help you ensure 99% of on-time delivery of your business orders.

KKForwarder’s warehouses can handle the demand for increased storage space among eCommerce that are growing their business through our custom supply chain solutions. The solution we provide can increase the efficiency of your transportation capabilities.


“When our business faced a rise in demand for daily necessities such as coffee and toilet paper, there were few distributors we could take a chance with, including KKForwarder. The warehouse they provide makes it easy for us to deliver our products around the EU despite the decrease in truckers and shipping staff.”

Tiffany Lee

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

How to Get Started With KKForwarder?

We begin our warehouse services by identifying the cargo or goods’ weight, size, nature, and components for storage. You will also need to provide us with the destination of these goods. KKForwarder will use our logistic capabilities in delivering and storing your cargo that is well within your budget. Contact us today!


We bring impactful digital solutions.

1. How do I pay for my shipment?

We provide a bank account number so you can do the wire transfer online.

2. When do I need to pay for the freight?

All freight payments are required to be settled before the departure of the shipment.

3. What is the currency of the payment?

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4. How long will it take before I get the shipment on hand?

It depends on the shipment ready date, shipment size, flight frequency, etc. But we will arrange the soonest possible flight to make sure you get the shipment as soon as possible.

5. What kind of transportation type and which carrier should I choose?

Don’t worry, we are experienced enough in the international transportation industry, so we will choose the best fit for you as per your demand.

6. Will I get a debit note for my shipment?

Yes of course. The debit note will be issued to you after we have confirmed the shipment data (including pieces, weight, dimension etc.)

7. Why the freight weight is not the shipment’s gross weight?

There are several types of weight, the one uses to charge freight rate is called chargeable weight. It is related to the dimension of the cargo. We will explain details in our knowledge base.

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