Freight Pickup

When we receive the BKD from you, we contact the shipper in China right away and arrange the most suitable truck based on packaging, weight and volume of your goods. The package remains closed and will be quickly taken to the airport while we take pictures to show that your packaging is undamaged. We make the whole process worry free for your end as we organize the shipping of goods to the warehouse to secure the delivery before boarding the plane or shipment.


As we can quickly arrange our trucks and trailers, we save you much time to bring the shipment to its destination as soon as possible.


With a large fleet to carry as much as required, we guarantee a safe, efficient delivery that falls within your budget


We can easily reach warehouses located near the airport to store goods before delivery and ensure their safety.

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Delivering Budget-Friendly Pickup

Fast-acting airfreight services will not be of much help if your goods do not get to the airport on time. From start to finish, we make arrangements for your journey that fall within your budget, from arranging fleets to securing goods in the nearest warehouses to the port.

We aim to simplify shipping to guarantee your supply lines run smoothly and uninterrupted under any situation. Having worked with carriers of any size and industry for years, our experts know how to handle different packaging and shipping requirements while considering your budget.

Why Go for KKForwarder’s Freight Pickup

Fast Truck Arrangement

Seeing that each client has different schedules, we prepare a quick arrangement of trucks prepared to take on a fast route to your destinations, smoothing the process and saving much time.

A Large Fleet of Trucks

With a large fleet of trucks behind us, we carry your goods securely and within top speed. Every truck is made with durable material and has been checked for their efficiency and safety compliance.

Sound Arrangement of Trailers

Before delivery, we arrange every trailer to ensure an organized, uninterrupted delivery, along with selecting trailers for your goods to avoid misplacement of orders.

Photographs as Evidence

Every photo we take of your shipment will provide you with an update on the status of your goods to give you peace of mind.

Warehousing Service

When there is a need to store goods overnight, we have warehouses near airports or ports, which we are connected with, allowing us to easily bring our goods quickly to their destination.

Delivery Into Warehouse

While kept in the warehouse, we prepare your shipments for carriage to the airport to save time and guarantee a more prompt delivery.


“Along with a timely freight pickup, we saw how smoothly KKForwarder organized their trucks and even kept our items safe before the flight. We know all of these updates from the pictures they send. What convenience indeed!”

Tiffany Lee

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

How to Get Started With KK Forwarder?

KKForwarder offers comprehensive air freight forwarding services for various business, supply chains, and other clients. Whether you are a start-up or a big company, we want to work with you, with our freight services supporting supply chains from and to any point in China or any international location.

Learn about the exact costs required by getting an instant quote or talk to our experts today.


We bring impactful digital solutions.

1. How do I pay for my shipment?

We provide a bank account number so you can do the wire transfer online.

2. When do I need to pay for the freight?

All freight payments are required to be settled before the departure of the shipment.

3. What is the currency of the payment?

We use US dollars (USD) as standard payment. But we can also accept Chinese Yuan (RMB).

4. How long will it take before I get the shipment on hand?

It depends on the shipment ready date, shipment size, flight frequency, etc. But we will arrange the soonest possible flight to make sure you get the shipment as soon as possible.

5. What kind of transportation type and which carrier should I choose?

Don’t worry, we are experienced enough in the international transportation industry, so we will choose the best fit for you as per your demand.

5. Will I get a debit note for my shipment?

Yes of course. The debit note will be issued to you after we have confirmed the shipment data (including pieces, weight, dimension etc.)

5. Why the freight weight is not the shipment’s gross weight?

There are several types of weight, the one uses to charge freight rate is called chargeable weight. It is related to the dimension of the cargo. We will explain details in our knowledge base.

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