KKForwarder is your one-stop forwarding partner offering forward-thinking and creative solutions for

seamless global logistics. Our deep expertise and care to deliver products in optimal condition ensure

proper completion of your supply chain requirements wherever the sourcing begins or ends.

Our Complete Services

Freight Pickup

See that your orders arrive safely with KKForwarder’s timely coordination with the right shipper to bring your orders to their destination on time.


As experts in handling different types of goods from various industries, we document every damaged packaging and offer suggestions for repackaging to prevent any delays.

Freight Consolidation

Consolidating from different shipments, we organize your orders and transport them along within your schedule while saving on costs.


Each of our warehouses are located near airports, making distribution and collection convenient.

Customs Clearance

Handling every customs requirement needed, we prepare the proper documents and pay attention to every duty involved.


With our air freight knowledge and additional services such as customs clearance, we can guarantee an on-time delivery of your goods.


All cash on delivery we collect from your customers can be converted to your preferred currency for your convenience.

Cargo Charter

Rather than wait for the next flight, we book a plane that can carry your shipments at any quantity to ensure timeliness.

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