Key to the freight shipping experience is protective packaging that prevents any hassles to save time and costs in the long run. We consider

packaging solutions based on your needs and offer professional support to maximize cargo space and save on freight costs.


We release photographs regularly as evidence of the state of your goods, enabling us to provide updates, fast responses and secure your peace of mind all at once.


With our wide experience in transporting the goods of various industries, we offer professional advice based on different types of goods and their requirements.


Our staff apply industry-standard freight packaging practices that secure your goods during air transport and reduce costs.

Repackaging Support

Professional Solutions for Any Packaging

After we pick up the goods, we will inspect your packaging. For any broken packaging, we offer advice on repackaging based on industry standards and the requirements for transporting your goods on the air. Should you ask for repackaging, we will provide the service for a fee.

Packaging Inspection Before Shipping

Preventing Any Damages

Since freight stations will only transport quality packages, we avoid transporting damaged packaging to ensure that your goods are not broken and we prevent any losses. To avoid any delays, we check the packaging of your goods and identify repackaging solutions we can recommend.


“After checking on our packaging, KKForwarder staff have identified ways to prevent any packaging damages in the future. They helped prevent any damage on transit and we were impressed with their adherence to policies. Their carriers could fit enough cargo and ensure every item comes within schedule.”

Tiffany Lee

Medical Equipment Manufacturer

How to Get Started With KKForwarder?

KKForwarder offers hundreds of companies, from start-ups to established brands, a variety of tailor-fit freight solutions to ensure smooth supply chains. Through our resources and connection with carriers, we can get your goods from any point in China or worldwide. Talk to us and we will bring you the exact costs required that can fit to your budget.


We bring impactful digital solutions.

1. How do I pay for my shipment?

We provide a bank account number so you can do the wire transfer online.

2. When do I need to pay for the freight?

All freight payments are required to be settled before the departure of the shipment.

3. What is the currency of the payment?

We use US dollars (USD) as standard payment. But we can also accept Chinese Yuan (RMB).

4. How long will it take before I get the shipment on hand?

It depends on the shipment ready date, shipment size, flight frequency, etc. But we will arrange the soonest possible flight to make sure you get the shipment as soon as possible.

5. What kind of transportation type and which carrier should I choose?

Don’t worry, we are experienced enough in the international transportation industry, so we will choose the best fit for you as per your demand.

6. Will I get a debit note for my shipment?

Yes of course. The debit note will be issued to you after we have confirmed the shipment data (including pieces, weight, dimension etc.)

7. Why the freight weight is not the shipment’s gross weight?

There are several types of weight, the one uses to charge freight rate is called chargeable weight. It is related to the dimension of the cargo. We will explain details in our knowledge base.

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