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Not all shipments and cargos are suitable to use air freight and ocean freight service. If you purchase some small cargo in China and just need to deliver to your hand. Then express courier might be your best choice.

We have a solid contract with FedEx and continue to expand our cooperation with other courier providers. For your small cargo, just ask your supplier to send to our warehouse in Guangzhou, then we can take care of the rest. All you need to do is to sit at home and wait for the delivery.

This is particularly suitable for purchasing small items from Alibaba or other Chinese shopping platform. And you find the supplier’s solution is not competitive enough. KKForwarder might help you tackle your shipping needs.


Solid contract and stable offer from FedEx directly. Using FedEx pickup and delivery network. Reliable service you can always trust.


On-time delivery and real-time tracking system on FedEx official website. Never have to worry the whereabout of your shipment.


All-in quotation, no other charges involved. Simple and swift. Best choice for small cargo (under 20kg).


Extensive network coverage. Capable of delivering to remote district, no more non-delivery.

How Does Express Courier Meet Your Demand

Reliable service, Stable rate, and Extensive network

Sending small cargo has always been a nightmare for some buyers. The high cost of international transportation is the major concern using the express courier. Even a sample shipment cost too much. Not to mention that you can not keep track of your own shipment.

Now you can rely on KKForwarder. Our solid contract can help you sending your small cargo with a competitive rate. Although the fuel index is constantly changing, we can maintain a relatively stable rate and can arrange pick-up as soon as the cargo is ready in our warehouse.

Best-of-all, cargo is transported to the destination using air service, but with lower cost than air freight.

What is Express Courier?

Express Courier service is the normal express service you see on your daily life. Like DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT etc. The features of the courier service is to-door service.This means the shipment will be delivered to your designated address. If your shipment is duty-free under the local policy, then you don’t have to pay any extra cost for the shipment. This is considered the best solution for small cargo (document) shipping from one country to another.


“Karron has been a great help to me. He contacted all of my suppliers and consolidate my shipment into one and send with the express service. It only took 4 days before I receive the pacakge.”

Sabrina G

Store Manager

How to Get Started With KKForwarder?

We begin every consolidation service with a consultation of your needs, identifying what your business will need and the routes we will use for our shipping. With our industry resources and technology, we can get you from one point to the next in China or across different regions. Along with our services, we provide solutions that fall within your budget requirements and ensure easier entry to international locations. Call now!


We bring impactful digital solutions.

1. How do I pay for my shipment?

We provide a bank account number so you can do the wire transfer online. And we also accepts WeChat and Alipay payment.

2. When do I need to pay for the freight?

All freight payments are required to be settled before the departure of the shipment.

3. What is the currency of the payment?

We use US dollars (USD) as standard payment. But we can also accept Chinese Yuan (RMB).

4. How long will it take before I get the shipment on hand?

It depends on the shipment ready date, shipment size and other factors. But we will advise the estimated time of delivery when quoting the rate to you.

5. Are there anything that are not allowed to be sent by express courier?

Yes, if you are sending pure batteries, then it is NOT allowed. If there are sensitive cargo, we will need to consult with the courier. For more details, you can contact us to figure out.

6. How do I track my shipment?

We are using official courier service, all shipments can be tracked on their official website.

7. What do I need to provide to check the rate?

Nice question. You will need to advise the cargo description, gross weight, dimension (Length x Width x Height), and the delivery address with postal code (if appliable).

8. I purchased some products from Alibaba, can KKForwarder help me send to my hand?

Sure. Just ask the supplier to deliver the goods to our warehouse, then we will handle the shipment for you.

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