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KKForwarder is your dedicated partner in fulfilling international air forwarding with

speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Who We Are


Beyond Your Conventional Air Freight Forwarding Service Provider

Founder and CEO Karron Yuen looked at the industry and saw the irregularity and non-compliance of its practitioners to standards. With years of experience in airfreight forwarding, Karron was motivated to challenge the boundaries of the industry and this thrust continues to motivate KKForwarder into the industry leader it is today.


We Don’t Just Do Things Uniquely. We Offer Flexible and Effective Service At Every Turn

You are the center of our business and we get your ideas to improve our services and adapt to any challenge. Through our rich industry resources and experience, we are able to offer more flexibility than our peers and produce optimal solutions centered on your needs.


Beyond Appreciating Our Core Values. We Live Them Out Each Day

As a hallmark of our quality and integrity, our values embody rich industry experience and how we form our relationships with carriers and co-loaders. Every team member is defined by their commitment to strive for greater personal and professional growth, all to better serve you.

How We Do Our Air Freight Forwarding Business

Having close relationships with carriers and co-loaders, we offer professional support and one-stop service for exporting goods by air. Our services range from pick-up and labeling to warehousing and export customs clearance, all done to reduce any hassles in your shipping processes.





Customs Clearance



Cargo Charter

Strong Partnership with Carriers

Our smooth coordination with a reliable, cost-effective carrier network ensures we consistently follow our schedules. Working with carriers to determine which lanes and freight work best prevents hassles throughout the forwarding process, resulting in better service and rates.

Carrier Strength
Matching your shipping needs, we choose carriers with the strength to transport large quantities within schedules.
Consistent Quality Service
We maintain consistent service levels to serve you according to your needs while reducing complexity in the supply chain to improve efficiency.
Optimized Execution
Committing internal resources helps us streamline and ease the execution of every delivery, which also helps reduce costs and time spent.

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