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A Tragedy Crash of MU3575

Breaking News of MU3575/21Mar

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Aviation Day 2023
We attended Aviation Day 2023, which is a signature event co-hosted by the HKIA and IATA. We are more than happy to share with you some highlights of the events that day. We were quite early at the scene. The stage was just set up.   At the event, we understand the vision and forecast Aviation Day 2023
Tara Air crashed near Nepal
The latest update about the crash near Nepal. All the best!
China has confirmed the identities of all 132 crash victims of MU3575
Xinhua News report, DNA experts confirmed all the identities of the final victims on 28Mar, 2022
A Tragedy Crash of MU3575 on 21Mar,2022
A tragedy crash of MU3575
The world’s only An-225 has been destroyed
It is the world’s only one left.
Inspirations From The Incident: Golden Retriever – Siri
What do we learn from this tragedy and prevent it from happening again?
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