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“We make decisions, based on our best analysis of the situation, input from others and a willingness to take action.”

– Karron Yuen

CEO of KKForwarder

1. Why did you want to join the logistics industry years ago?

Before I got into the airfreight industry in 2007, I was an export director in the foreign trade department. At this time, I saw logistics as a small part of a bigger picture when it comes to foreign trade transactions. I believed the exportation process is a key part of trade since it has an important role in completing the foreign trade loop. I entered the air freight forwarder business because I can fill that role better than anyone when closing the foreign trade loop.

2. How did you know that the airfreight forwarding was the answer and start the next chapter of your career?

I started in the airfreight industry as a customer service operator for a global freight forwarding company called DB Schenker back in 2007. At this time when the company has yet to merge with BAX Global, I was in charge of liaising with the company’s offices around the world and coordinating with shipment arrangements from the origin and destination points. Every day was like an unsolved freight forwarding puzzle box for me and I could not wait to solve each one.

3. What skills have you acquired in the process?

After two fulfilling years of working with DB Schenker, I became a cargo salesman for Lufthansa Cargo, one of the leading airline businesses. My time here granted me a chance to pursue systematic training on the basics of the air freight industry as well as operational training. I also received a CAT6 certificate for dangerous goods regulations (DGR).

As a salesman, I developed my skill in communicating with customers and learning about client-oriented philosophy that lets me know what people need and how to address those needs. I also started collecting contacts with reputable and relevant individuals within the industry. My time at Lufthansa Cargo has further been influenced by my pursuit of a long-term career in the air freight business.

4. Have you ever encountered a career bottleneck and how do you break through it?

After spending two years as a cargo salesman, I moved on to Qatar Airways (QR) as an operations supervisor. This is where I applied both my hands-on experience and practical theories I learned from my prior work position, allowing me to resolve these issues and improve the service. I can tell you that my time with QR was a quantum leap in my career since I was able to see what is behind the curtains of the air freight industry by getting a fundamental understanding of its essence as a whole. While air transportation is constantly evolving, the fundamentals are still rooted in the numerous original air transport theories and practices that remain unchanged. Even if these theories and practices were to change, I can easily adjust and understand them as a whole, allowing me to get a fundamental understanding of how to manage a team for my future freight forwarding business.

5. Do you have some inspiring moments in your career life?

I have, including the moment I was working for Etihad Airways as the head of the Guangzhou terminal when I was managing a GSA team and was responsible for the division’s sales. My efforts led to a market share of 49% on the CAN-LOS route, making me the top market leader at that time. Competitors in the same line of work as I am in terms of service are emulating my efforts. I am not worried about their attempts since they cannot dilute the market share.

I had numerous profitable ideas at that time such as setting headquarters along business routes as well as more market strategies. The SPA agreements among several airlines I handled, including one for China Southern Airlines (CZ), resulted in expanded market coverage. My time with Etihad Airways gave me insight into interline cooperation within the industry as well as empowered me with more knowledge of the industry.

6. Have you ever branched out into other areas other than airfreight forwarding?

Every company I worked with was an integral root for my continuous growth. I was also inspired by my friends and colleagues in this company because of their skills and capabilities. Despite the air freight industry has so much more for me to learn, I decided to work with a local internet company. With a new work position, I can get a new perspective on the industry and allow me to get fresh new ideas.

Working with the new company has given me a new understanding of the internet industry, allowing me to utilize this knowledge in creating momentum for my future business. With the inspiration given to me by my new colleagues, I started writing blogs, FAQs, and white papers on the standardized operation of the air freight industry. My goal is to assist those who also want to enter the air freight forwarding industry in forming standardized practices and furthering their career.

7. Are you ready to start your own business?

With accumulated knowledge from various air freight companies and internet businesses, I established KK Forwarder in 2021. My high-trained staff working under my guidance are ready to solve your freight requirements and obstacles. Expect high-grade professionalism in addressing your needs as we work with you closely.

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