Aviation Logistics Knowledge Lecture – What is mandatory when asking for a quote?

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Aviation Logistics Knowledge Lecture – What is mandatory when asking for a quote?

Quite often when we need to purchase something from China, then we need to calculate everything before really clicking the “BUY” button. Can I get a quote when I don’t even know the details of the shipment?

The answer is NO. Let me tell you why.

There are many regulations in the logistics industry, no matter air freight or sea freight, or other transportation models. Certain goods are not allowed to be exported, and some are only allowed when certain documents are provided. In this case, a forwarding agent will need to know what is the cargo that is going to be sent. If it is sensitive or even prohibited, then there is no point talking about the price, right?

Some cargo like cell phones, laptops, remote-controlled toys, etc. there is batteries inside. The CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China), and the IATA ( International Air Transport Association) require some documents about the battery to ensure the battery is safe to be transported. This is because when the plane is flying in the sky, the air pressure, the humidity, the temperature, and other atmosphere is different from that on land. The carrier will need to know if the battery is suitable to be transported in that certain atmosphere without causing any danger to the people, the plane, and other cargo. But the carrier is not an expert to figure this out. So they require the manufacturer to provide such documentation to prove that the battery can comply with the regulation and prevent potential leakage, fire, or other dangerous accidents.  This is why you will be asked to provide all kinds of documentation when sending battery cargo.

Similarly, when the shipment is of some special cargo, different documentation is required. And the only reason for doing this is to make sure that everyone and everything is safe during the transportation process. So the forwarding agent must know what is the cargo description, ie, what they are going to send.

Second, the number of pieces, gross weight, and dimension are also a MUST. The number of pieces determines the volume, the gross weight determines which weight break will the shipment be using, and the dimension determines how much space is the shipment going to take up on a plane. All of these are necessary to quote. And quite frankly, different figures will cause different results on the air freight rate. Air freight rate composes of a certain level of weight breaks. Usually, it is classified as: N (less than 45kg), 45kg, 100kg, 300kg, 500kg, and 1000kg. The air freight rate will be lower as the weight break goes higher. Be aware that the shipping cost is calculated “per kg”. That means, if a shipment is 350kg, and the air freight for 300kg is $10, then the shipping cost will be $10 x 350kg = $3500. 

Last but not least, a forwarding agent needs to know the airport of origin, and the airport of destination. This is to make sure that the shipment will be sent to the right place.

Okay, are you aware of what information is required before a forwarding agent can quote you? If not, leave us a message and we can have a further discussion. Cheers.

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