How to buy things on Alibaba and have them sent to your country

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How to buy things on Alibaba and have them sent to your country

As the world is becoming smaller and smaller, online shopping is getting easier and easier. Especially for those famous platforms. Alibaba is one of the most famous online shopping platforms in China and provides numerous products to people all over the world.


In view of this, we understand that you would also like to buy something on Alibaba and use us – KKForwarder to send it to your country. But now are a bit confused about what to do next.


No worries, here I am. I provide this step-by-step process to help you have a better understanding of how things work here in the whole process.


First Thing First

  1. Create an Alibaba account on Tab “Sign in/Join for free, and you can choose to create your account by your email, or by Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or Twitter account.


2. After login, you can find “My Alibaba” under “My Alibaba”. Click on it. You might be asked to login again.


3. Then find an option where you can link your account to your credit card/debit card. (But I am not from Alibaba, so couldn’t give you the screenshot on this step)


4. Then you now are able to pay to the suppliers on Alibaba.


Now the most important part

On the home page of Alibaba, search for anything that you want to buy in the search bar.


2. Click on the ones that you are interested in and ask them for the product price.


3. If they can give you a quote and you find it affordable, then you can close the deal with this supplier and ask them to prepare the invoice and packing list.


4. Now it is the time you can get the shipment information and come back to KKForwarder – your freight forwarder.


5. Usually, we need to know the cargo description, package number, gross weight of the packages, and dimensions of the packages. And of course, the final destination.


6. Then we – KKForwarder can check for the shipping price for you according to the shipment information you just got from the supplier.


7. If you find the shipping price is also reasonable, then you can pay the supplier through a payment link they create for you.


8. Then ask the supplier to deliver the goods to us – KKForwarder.


9. And you will pay the shipping charges to us – KKForwarder. You can pay by wire transfer, which requires a contract and invoice. Or you can also pay with your Alibaba account, and we will create a payment link for you. Since you now have an account on Alibaba, so payment through Alibaba is not a problem. – but pls remember, Alibaba charge for a service fee for every payment you make which is around 4% of the total amount.


10. If we – KKForwarder receive the goods, then we will take care of the rest and send the cargo to your country.


Hope this article can help you understand the process of how you buy things and how we do logistics.


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