Aviation Logistics Knowledge Lecture – How To Become A Professional Salesman

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Aviation Logistics Knowledge Lecture – How To Become A Professional Salesman

ello everyone, let’s talk about sales skills in this issue. Why well, talk about sales skills? Because no matter how skilled and experienced you are at the back, you have to get the goods at the front. Therefore, this is also a very important link, and sales have always been the most important part of the company’s profit growth. So the responsibility of sales is very heavy.

First of all, we must establish a correct sales concept. Let’s take a look first, what is the sales of the airlift industry? I remember talking about this before too. If you say that you are selling positions, that’s true, you are indeed selling positions; if you say that you are selling services, congratulations, you have improved a level, and you can have a more accurate grasp of customers than ordinary sales; If everyone says that you are selling yourself, then you must be a top seller, because a large part of the reason why all sales, no matter what products they make, can ultimately be sold is the person who sells them. Customers believe in you, they will buy your account. So personal IP is very important, which is why when you go out to meet customers, you need to organize your appearance and equipment, and no one wears slippers to meet customers. It’s important to keep this in mind, it’s the foundation of all sales (regardless of the industry).


At the same time, we are originally a service industry. In addition to providing good service, price must also be an important factor in deciding whether to make an order or not. But the competition in the airfreight industry is so fierce, and there may be tens of thousands of freight forwarders in a city. Everyone should clearly realize that no matter how close your price is, there will always be someone who will be cheaper than you. Don’t because of the customer’s word: You are too expensive. It hits my morale, not to mention that my company’s price is not good, and the platform is not good. Because in the end, in fact, everyone who understands knows that it’s just that this sales will not work. Of course, after reading today’s article, my friends should be able to give you a correct concept and method, which can help you get booking with a higher chance.


So let’s imagine a scenario from beginning to end to talk to the customer and see what happens.


When we first contact customers, how should we talk to customers? Some small partners can’t wait to tell customers what routes they have, how favorable prices are, and how guaranteed positions are. Usually such an approach will only be shot in the foot. Because any business introduction without understanding customer needs is a hooligan. In the service industry, there is a very important rule: Understanding Customer Needs – to understand customer needs. We must strictly implement this.


Let’s take an extreme example, such as a customer who needs a PEK-FRA flight, and the cargo is a pallet, about 50T. So if a salesman talks about his own advantageous routes and talks about his ability without knowing the customer’s cargo situation, then what do you think the customer’s attitude is? I don’t know about the others. If I’m not in a hurry, I’ll probably sit on the side with my arms folded and listen to your bragging. After you said a bunch, the customer said, my 50T goods are all pallets, and they asked for a batch, and then the sales were dumbfounded. Beijing is the capital, and with high requirements for environmental protection, the entry of trucks is usually restricted, so there are not many cargo planes. It is really difficult to clear a batch of such large-hand palletized goods. I asked, which belly compartment can clear a 50T pallet of goods at one time? At this time, the customer will look at you with a look of “you said you are awesome”. Of course, some experienced salesmen will say at this time, then I can take it to Qingdao or some other place to fly, otherwise it will be over with a charter flight. Well, that’s right, no problem. But compared with this kind of behavior of making up the pot after the fact, is it better to understand the customer’s needs from the beginning, and then explain to the customer that it is basically impossible to clear 50T pallets of goods in Beijing at one time? In this way, customers will also have psychological expectations. First, they know that you understand the market very well. Second, they will not feel that your behavior of pulling to other places later is to make up for the pot.


In fact, there is one thing wrong with the above method, that is, customers actually have their own specific needs. We directly introduce the advantages of our company regardless of customer needs. In fact, we directly ignore the customer’s feelings and force some customers who do not want to know. , and have no interest in cramming stuff into customers. Do you think customers can accept this situation? Another example, once, I received a call from an insurance salesman. He babbled and told me how good the insurance was, but I asked him three times, what was the premium for this insurance, and he said nothing. didn’t answer me. At this point I was very impatient. Because no matter how good your insurance is, I have to consider whether I can afford it. If I can’t, then you can hang up as soon as possible to chat with other customers. Since I am obviously not your target customer, there is no need to waste time. Everyone must remember that such sales are difficult to gain the trust and patience of customers. In this day and age, everyone is very busy, and they don’t want to waste a second on things they are not interested in, right?


Well, after we understand the customer’s needs, how should we proceed? At this time, it is time for our professional knowledge and business literacy to come into play. First of all, we have to be very familiar with our own products. What routes are there, and what are the advantages of each route? What is the approximate price? These must be remembered. Then, according to the nature of the customer’s goods, the size of the goods, etc., we will give our professional opinions and quotations. Some friends may wonder, why do you need professional knowledge to report a price? Isn’t it just a number, it’s over when you report it. This question is a good question, because the different nature of the goods, the size of the goods and other factors will affect the quotation! The friends can go back and ask themselves whether all the cargo types are the same price. 99% of the responses are different. The remaining 1% is because that flight can only accept one type of cargo.

Of course, the quotation is also to obtain the customer’s specific cargo information to make a quotation. What if the customer has no specific cargo information, but has to quote us? It is also possible, but at this time, everyone should keep an eye on it. This customer may be here to set the price. In the end, he wants to compare the price, but he does not really want to book. Then of course we can quote an approximate price, but we must explain to the customer that this price is not the final price, and finally we must quote the specific cargo information as a reference, and remember to report the validity period.


When quoting, consider offering 2 or more options. At the same time, according to the customer’s needs, recommend which program the customer should use, and explain the reason. And this process must be done on the basis of being familiar with the product and having a certain professional knowledge and understanding of the airlift industry. Instead of looking up the destination directly on the quote table, just quote whoever can go. Customers will be very interested in the explanation process, because this involves whether the customer’s goods can reach the destination on time and safely. If there are customers who don’t care about this, you should report whichever you prefer. This is not a joke, why choose expensive instead of cheap? Because the more expensive service is more likely to be good, the probability of cargo damage, pulling or other unexpected situations is also low. Since customers have shown that they don’t like to spend too much time on logistics, we can’t let TA worry about this matter, so we must choose good services to carry customers. You can’t always make your customers worry about everything. This is also the essence of our service. Of course, this is not to say that the literal “price is expensive” and we choose that, but to express the meaning of “choose a product with good service”. These carriers with higher service levels are generally more expensive, so they are simply expressed as “expensive”. Everyone must understand the meaning of this essence well, and do not deviate from the original meaning.


At the same time, why provide 2 or more programs? This is because we want to tell our customers that we have enough channels and two different solutions, so we can choose when customers hesitate. Just imagine, if there is only one plan, what will customers do when they hesitate? You may be asked if you have other plans, but it is also possible to directly ask other homes. This is not what we want to see, right. Therefore, don’t give customers the opportunity to give up on you. It’s your plan that you choose, so it will be more secure. The so-called rich and frugal is the truth, no matter which plan, we can satisfy. This is the service.


Finally, after we quote the price, even if we cost out, the customer is very likely, even very likely, will tell you: Why are you so expensive? So-and-so agent only has xx money. Are you cheating on me? In this case, some glass-hearted friends may collapse. Obviously I didn’t increase the price, so why do I say it is expensive. Don’t let me live. In fact, you don’t have to, customers are bound to compare prices. Isn’t it a common consumer psychology to tell you that the price is expensive? We are also like this. We say that an iPhone is expensive for several thousand yuan, and a mobile phone of a certain brand is more than one thousand yuan, and we also say that it is expensive. We must understand, and face and respond objectively and rationally. If the reply is good, the customer is still yours. If the reply is not good, the customer may leave. After all, in the minds of customers, the most important thing is price, not value. What sales has to do is to convert price into value and let customers realize our value.


Moreover, as we said, the competition in the freight forwarding industry is fierce, and it is normal for other companies to have cheaper prices than you. Don’t be too nervous. What we need to do is to be very clear about the current market price of the route, and then quote according to the type of goods and the degree of shortage. If our offer really runs out of space, don’t be nervous. You don’t know why other homes are cheap, right, maybe they are cheaper once and a half times, and they do have their own reasons. Customers are always looking for the cheapest solution, and we don’t always get the cheapest solution. You know, in this industry, the price is not the lowest, only lower. This kind of customer makes it clear that he is looking at the price. Even if you get his booking this time, you will have to experience this kind of torment again every time you place a booking. Why bother. Leave it to him, this is not a loyal customer and is not worth the special offer you get for him.


It’s not that we haven’t seen it before. In fact, we often encounter in our work, arguing with the airline or with the airline company, getting a special price, and then the customer does not book. Congested? If it were me, I would be very heartbroken. Why is this so? Because first of all, the customer did not really want to leave, and the customer who leaves with sincerity will not only keep pressing your price. You get a special offer, and the customer will only think that is what you should do, rather than helping him because it resonates with the customer. Therefore he will not be grateful to you. Will only take your specials and ask other homes.

I would say, as a salesperson, you need a little judgment. Such a customer is clearly not a valid customer, nor your target customer. He wants to compare the price, let him compare, and soon he will find that the price can never be compared. And with the passage of time, this ticket will soon become famous in the industry, and everyone will not be willing to apply for the price for him. Because the client’s approach is very disrespectful to the fruits of our labor.


Therefore, after we objectively analyze the market situation and our own quotation, if the customer still cannot accept it, what we need to do is to give the customer some time. If he thinks it is OK, he will naturally come to you. If the customer thinks that it is not OK, then we are barely happy. It’s not yours, it’s not yours, don’t stalk it. All the time you spend on an inactive customer, you can go to develop a new customer.


As mentioned earlier, customers consider price more than value. What value can we convey when we talk to customers? First and foremost is professional service, followed by stable positions, and finally proper after-sales (customer service) work. These things are what we will give to our customers. Of course, the air freight price also includes these values. We want to show the customer that he is not wrong for the money he spends, and it is worth the money. At this time, the ability to sell is very important. How can we make our customers feel our value? All I can say is that stalking or simply low prices are absolutely impossible to deliver value. Can’t let customers have a sense of identity.


Therefore, what this article wants to say is actually to let everyone have a correct understanding of the work of sales. You can’t follow what others say. You must have your own judgment. One is that we have to provide high-quality professional services, the other is that we should not fight price wars, which is really not a wise strategy, and the other is that we have to truly impress customers, so that customers can stay with us and become a company. Loyal customers.


Combined with what I said at the beginning of the article, what you want to sell is your personal IP, the charm of your personality, and your professionalism. Not just selling positions. We want our customers to be friends, not just customers. From the beginning, we should have this attitude to contact and help customers solve problems. With this premise, customers will choose to trust us, and it will be easier to accept our plan, even if our plan is not the cheapest. Because what we provide is service, professional service and safe and fast air transportation solution. After that, the chances of customers saying “your home is too expensive!” will be greatly reduced. Even if it is said, it is said in a relatively gentle tone. At this time, you only need to appease and explain your advantages properly, instead of going around to compare prices and doing useless work for the customer’s word.


So, guys, come on! Sell ​​yourself (don’t get me wrong)! Communicate with customers attentively, let customers know our service and realize our value!


We’re here for this issue, see you next time!


After writing it, I found out that there are too few pictures in this article. Hmm….not because I didn’t find the right picture, but because I’m lazy. Well, I admit that finding pictures is a hassle. We will just look at the text. Would you like to make a video for you next time?


NB: Karron is the owner of the “NatureCalls” Wechat Official Account.

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