China Telecom Server Import Project

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China Telecom Server Import Project

It was around 2014 that we handled this shipment. China Telecom requested us to transport a shipment from Mexico to China. Cargo is CISCO servers. The quantity is high and most importantly the cargo value is very high. 


China Telecom was paying high attention to the handling of this shipment, and of course, they paid for commercial insurance for the shipment. Not to say that there will be accidents during the transportation, it’s an assurance in case of any unexpected issue.


After the transportation was approved by the client, we started to execute the plan that we agreed on. The airport of departure was Guadalajara (GDL), but there was no direct flight from GDL to Guangzhou (CAN). If there are too many stop-overs during transportation, the risk of cargo damage or even loss increases. We finally managed to target a certain carrier with only one stop-over in between. To make sure everything goes as planned, we communicated with each station and all the related parties.


Another factor that might comprise the transportation is the airfreight rate. Due to the airfreight rate was fluctuating all the time, we signed a contract with different carriers to ensure stable service for the shipment regardless when the departure date. 


We fulfilled our mission as quickly and stable as possible. And feel proud that we helped our client received the server safely and effectively.

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