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Warehousing, Delivery, Custom Clearance

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With a keen dedication to excellence, KK Forwarder offers swift, reliable, and efficient air freight service to various locations. You’d be amazed at how far and fast we go to meet your forwarding needs.


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custom clearance
custom clearance




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Warehousing, Delivery, Custom Clearance

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Why Choose us to fulfill services locally ?

Charter Expert

Specializing in handling dangerous goods and outsize cargo carefully, we assist in every step, from fulfilling customs requirements to securing cargo from hazards. To reduce delays, we prioritize finding you the fastest route to meet your schedule.

Global Coverage

Through our experience shipping for other industries, fulfilling customs requirements and securing their trust, we cover different locations in China and all around the world, making trips quick and hassle-free.

Cost Efficiency

By booking a single plane and secure enough space for any quantity of goods, we have you pay only one charter cost. This translates to more sustainable and consistent chartered flights for your supply chain in the long run.

Rich Industrial Resources

Our rich experience and industrial resources enable us to launch a consistent high quality charter service able to meet the growing demands of the market.

Flexible Departure Time

Connected with leading airlines, we set departure times and find the right flights that meet your schedules. We make the charter process worry-free so that you can focus on your operations.

Relatively Fixed Expenses

To make our services accessible and easier to afford, we maintain the stability of our service prices through our control over the whole charter process, ensuring that every expense is fixed.

Rich Project Experience Behind Our Back

Air Shipping From China to Ghana/Nigeria/Dubai/the Globe?

Not Just These Locations, We Got You All Covered !

As your reliable air freight forwarder, we provide you with the best prices based on the following factors:

  • Natures of the goods you’re shipping
  • Delivery timeframe
  • Weight, dimensions, and volume of the products
  • Type of delivery: port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-port, or door-to-door

And all that customs rules and regulations, paperworks and so forth, we will be here solving complicated questions for our valuable clients.

Long-term Partnerships with Various Airline Experts

To effectively meet your business needs, we’ve established meaningful relationships with key service providers in the industry.

Working With Reputable Co-Loaders

Close partnerships with leading co-loaders help us achieve more efficient cargo consolidation, leading to cost-effective and rapid shipping.

Our Commitment


We close the distance between people, businesses, and communities via efficient logistic solutions, opening the road to a bright future.


We aim to have our clients trust us in handling, processing, and delivering their goods. The attentive service we offer that makes logistics convenient and secure is an integral part of KKForwarder’s growth strategy.

Core Values


KKForwarder’s confidence stems from experience through years of working in the logistics industry.


There is strong cooperation between us, carriers, and co-loaders when completing all services.


Every staff is hands-on with our approach in completing all requirements and getting every detail right.


All of your concerns and requirements are taken into account when finding the right logistic solutions.


We are never satisfied with our current skills and capabilities as we are constantly looking to improve our methods.


KKForwarder makes the world smaller by tightly linking different businesses through our services.

Message from the CEO

Directions, That Matter!

KKForwarder maintains its commitment to honest, respectful, responsible, and accountable

transactions at all times. Working with us entails clear communication and relevant information

delivered to the proper people at the right time.

Valuable Clients Said About Us


We bring impactful digital solutions.

1. How to Get Freight Pickup Started with KKForwarder?

KKForwarder offers comprehensive air freight forwarding services for various business, supply chains, and other clients. Whether you are a start-up or a big company, we want to work with you, with our freight services supporting supply chains from and to any point in China or any international location.

Learn about the exact costs required by getting an instant quote or talk to our experts today.

2. How to Get Packaging Service Started with KKForwarder?

KKForwarder offers hundreds of companies, from start-ups to established brands, a variety of tailor-fit freight solutions to ensure smooth supply chains. Through our resources and connection with carriers, we can get your goods from any point in China or worldwide. Talk to us and we will bring you the exact costs required that can fit to your budget.

3. How to Get Freight Consolidation Started with KKForwarder?

We begin every consolidation service with a consultation of your needs, identifying what your business will need and the routes we will use for our shipping. With our industry resources and technology, we can get you from one point to the next in China or across different regions. Along with our services, we provide solutions that fall within your budget requirements and ensure easier entry to international locations. Call now!

4. How to Get Warehousing Service Started with KKForwarder?

We begin our warehouse services by identifying the cargo or goods’ weight, size, nature, and components for storage. You will also need to provide us with the destination of these goods. KK Forwarder will use our logistic capabilities in delivering and storing your cargo that is well within your budget. Contact us today!

5. How to Get Customs Clearance Started with KKForwarder?

To use our customs clearance service, we need to know the goods you are sending overseas as well as their destination. We will check for any possible items that are restricted from entering the country. Proper documents are also prepared while the appropriate duties are paid to ensure your cargo goes through customs in a short period. Receive a free quote today!

6. How to Get Delivery Service Started with KKForwarder?

KK Forwarder delivery service starts with providing us details of your cargo such as its weight, nature, size, and specific requirements. Upon knowing the destination of your goods, we set the proper route to your shipment’s end goal while taking into account other requirements such as the fragility of specific items. Get started today!

7. How to Get COD Service Started with KKForwarder?

Choose the COD option when using our delivery services. We will collect the payment from your customers upon successful completion of the shipment. The customer’s payment is immediately sent to your bank account or payment option through the currency you want to use. Contact our team today

8. How to Get Cargo Charter Service Started with KKForwarder?

KK Forwarder provides hassle-free freight solutions that consider your budget to lower the costs you shoulder. Using the latest technology, advanced analytics and connections with shippers, we bring your goods from point A to point B anywhere in the world. Call today and discuss how we can help maintain your supply chain.

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